Company Overview

Company Overview:

  • Area: 4000 
  • Location:  No. 99, Pen-Chou Road, GangShan District, Kaohsiung City, 820 Taiwan, R.O.C.    
  • Staff:  
  1. Production Crew: 47 
  2. Research & Development Team: 3
  3. Quality Control Team: 5
  4. Other: 20
  • Award/Certificates: ISO 9001:2008、CE 14566(EN 14566)CE 14592(EN 14592)
  • Equipment:
  1. Heading Machine
  2. Thread Rolling Machine
  3. Auto-Packing Machine
  4. Hardness Tester
  5. Tensile Tester
  6. Torque Tester
  7. High Precise test equipment
  • Production Lines:
  1. Bolt heading and thread rolling production line
  2. Screw heading and thread rolling production line
  3. Product packing line
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Do you have any new strategy to maintain your competitive advantages and conquer the coming challenges? 
    Chang Yi Bolt has planned a few different ways to improve our strength. The first one is that we invent 10 set of production machines (both heading and thread rolling machines) in 2014 to improve our production capacity and quality. Also, we put a lot of effort to find and train new R&D crew. At the meantime, we upgrade 2 auto-packing machines to speed out our delivery processes and ensure our customers can receive their order ON-TIME.