Company Management

Company Management: Featuring Quality Control and Customised Service

To compare with other massive companies, Chang Yi Bolt CO.,Ltd has no obviously outstanding advantage, How come we can survival and even getting bigger in passed 30 years? We had our ISO approval since 1997. ISO 9000 is the most basic management standard. And we go even further. Since our sales taken customers' order, we have to follow a standard operation process and make sure all the criteria are followed up, including standards of material, procedures  of forming products, quality of  semi-finished products, surface treatment procedures , quality of finished product, packing procedures and due date. We are also awarded CE 14566 and CE 14592 in 2012.  With a decent CE certificates, we can relieve customers’ doubts and improve our customers’ market share in the market.

Moreover, We take customized market as our main market and it is incredibly serious. Our colleagues and crew are quite used to face unfamiliar products and designs.We will not be freaked out or confused by any strange graphs or designs. The biggest strength of Chang Yi Bolt is that we have our standard operation processes (SOP) to create a new product. We endow a unique identity to every single product. R&D crew can compare and contrast passed and latest designs to overcome design difficulties. The communication between customers and us also make us progress. In the end, our products can always fulfill customers’ demands. 
All the steps of our production processes are ensuring that our products are SAFE. Safety is imperative. We don’t have any ambiguous room when it comes to safety. No one wants to live in somewhere constructed with unqualified fasteners.  It’s just like “Think about it, and you can make it.”, we consider all the products we made are going to build our own houses. That’s Chang Yi Bolt, C.YB. Concrete Your Believes.