2018/12/05 2013 CE Certification, overview of Chang Yi bolt

Certification is extremely important for fastener manufacturers. When it comes to fasteners manufacturing industry, GangShan is the place that everyone talk about in Taiwan. Taiwanese fastener industry has developed for over 50 years. During 60s-70s, Taiwan provided high quality fasteners with affordable price and it earned its good reputation. Today, Taiwan's fastener industry is sophisticated and experiential. Buyers can easily find suppliers in this market. However, how can buyers know the things they are buying good enough for their demands? They gotta proof it !  Certifications are now on the duty. Chang Yi Bolt had a first ISO 9002 back in 1997. In 2001, we had ISO 9001 qualified.  Back to that time, there were just a few companies that were capable to proof their quality with decent certifications. Chang Yi Bolt was one of them. In 2010,  Chang Yi Bolt went one step ahead, we applied our very first CE certification and in Jan 2011 we are awarded CE 14566. In 2012, we were award CE 14592. All we want is, give you the best, decent products, relieve your stresses and fulfill your demands. The following pictures are Georgia Quality certification company visiting and verifying Chang Yi Bolt's CE certification