2018/12/05 Chang Yi Bolt Official Website now is UPDATED!

New Chang Yi Bolt Website now is on duty!!

Do you feel tried to see the old and lame website with bluely blue background? If you do, please let me introduce our brand-new's totally our fault to lessen your interesting when you are visiting our website. And now, we want to fix this error and change you mind.  Chang Yi Bolt would like to give a new imagination with YOUNG, SIMPLE, and VIGOROUS to customers and buyers. 


We redesigned our logo.  The shape of our logo is based on a hex head bolt because that was the main product of initial Chang Yi Bolt. Although now Chang Yi Bolt is able to produce pretty much every type of screws, we still feel thankful of hex head. Therefore, new logo is built on hex head.  The concept of our logo is "C.Y.B." which is "Chang Yi Bolt"'s abbreviation. The left part is a "C" and middle part and right part combine to "Y" and "B". Here we gotta a creative design. We take a half of shadow of screw to attach on the "B" letter. It represents that our screws connect to your "Believes". Moreover, this logo brings our organisation philosophy, which is "Concrete Your Believes"We provide products with good quality and delivery to our customers. Customers will not to face the risk of delay shipment and put stocks just in time. No waste for warehouse renting and no lack of stocks. All we want is "easy you and easy me". Because we think if we do one more step for our customers, then our customers can go three steps ahead against their competitors.  


Our website's central concept is "SUNRISE". Our website is reborn and no longer with dark and drab designation, so we take "SUNRISE" as main idea. We use many warmed-color like bright yellow and bright orange on the base of website. Also, because we manufacture screws and bolts, we use our main products, hex head screws and bolts to be our main characters of this website. We put our factory photo on the right to show that we are a "FACTORY", not another trade company. If customers have any problems and questions, they can directly talk  to us. We can provide answers and advises directly to end-users. Because we are professionals and that's what and how we do. In the middle of the head website pictures, we design it as a view of sunrise. it symbols that we are young and vigorous. We avoid to put too many things on web pages because we want to keep it simple and easy to read.