2018/12/05 Chang Yi Bolt has Facebook Fan Page~~

Dear customers and visitors,              

Chang Yi Bolt has put a lot of effort on cyber world lately. We notice that internet is the most powerful and convenient in 21 century. Therefore, we rebuilt our website which is the one you are visiting. We did not just hire and ask website company to design for us. We have participated in every single designation, such as logo, banner and other decorations. We just want to show you that WE MEAN IT! We will keep updating our content and information on the internet.

Social network is another strong tool of promotion. Therefore, now all of our customers and web visitors can also meet us on facebook. All the news and information will be updated simultaneously. There will not be delayed news or asymmetric information. So, please give our facebook fan page thumbs up and keep visiting our website and fanpage. Your grace.

Best regards, 
                  Wilson 2014.09.23