2018/12/05 The crisis of EU anti-dumping duty?

In end of 2014, there was a report said that EU may charge Taiwanese fastener manufacturer.

According to chairman of Taiwan Fastener Trading Association (TFTA), Bill Chen, EU had conducted an investigations on illegal fastener export. 

German had found there are some dispicable Taiwanese fastener seller assisting China fasteners products as "Made In Taiwan" export to Europe.

As well as known that EU applies Anti-Dumping Tax on Chinese fastener manufacturers.

For Taiwanese fastener manufacturers, it is an advantage for both EU and Taiwan to guarantee all the fastener products are qualitified.

However, because of these evil businessmen Taiwanese fastener industry needs to face the protential crisis.

Chang Yi Bolt has deeply rooted in fastener industry for over 30 years.

We works with dignity and honors. We believe "Integrity" is the most important quality of doing business.

that's how we roll, so, we fully accept to cooperate with EU and ensure our customers won't be troubled.

We will be holding our position and overcome this crisis.

All the best!